Hi guys, i just posted this over in the elimination diet group but it's such an interesting area that i thought that i'd share it with everyone :) I will be posting more stuff like this over in the ED group so if your'e serious about shifting some body fat then join up!

Now i'm going to say something that may well go against everything that you have heard before and say yes it is possible to target certain areas of the body. Good news or what?!

However this is not through a specific exercise so the bad news to all the ladies is that hours spent on the ridiculous abductor and adductor machines you see in in the gym ain't gonna shift an extra ounce of body fat from those thighs( you know the ones were you sit down and push against the pads in or outwards for 500 reps whilst reading Paris Match....)

No, there are 2 ways we can target these areas specifically. The first one is through manipulation of diet.
The second is through specific forms of training, let me be clear though that this is NOT the same as saying there are specific exercises you can do. I will be talking more about this in the next article.

The common point in both these is that we try to manipulate hormonal levels naturally, either increasing or decreasing levels. Poor hormonal balance is thought to lead to predictable patterns of body fat storage. Excess or lack of of certain hormones in relation to others is the problem, NOT the hormones themselves.

Attached below you will find a great concise article outlining the basic ideas behind the first point, dietry and lifestyle factors and ways you can start to target those problem areas through some dietry and lifestyle changes. The elimination diet itself is in fact a great way to start, you can manipulate it to target any specific areas you need to work on of course.

Now let me also say that if you have any worries or specific concerns about hormonal balance and any health issues attached to it please do consult your health care professionals.

Next we will look at how exercise can help.

Enjoy and let me know what you think :)


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