Personal Training

There are many reasons people choose to work 1on1 or with a friend or partner with a personal trainer

Why Personal training?

Motivation and support

Need for a more specicfic training program and personal attention (Health issues,pre and post natal, sports specific training etc)

Having a short term goal that needs a more intensive supporting program

Having a longer term goal that needs a more planned progressive training program

Wanting to supplement their existing training for better results or variety

Enjoyment of a certain type of training like boxing, endurance work, muscular development or a sport

Time commitments and the convenience of having an expert come to you at times you can choose

I could list many more but as you can see there are many reasons why Personal Training could be for you

Step 1

If this is something you are considering then the first step is to get in touch for an informal chat to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have. If after we decide that working together one to one or with a partner or friend would work for us then we'll arrange a time to do a fuller in depth  fitness and health assesment. This usually take from 90 to 120 mins.

Step 2

During your assesment we'll go through your health and exercise history. We'll also look at your lifestyle and eating habits.Then we'll perform some simple health tests and measurements.This builds up a base for us to plan ahead in a way that is safe and productive for you.

After this we'll go through some assesments of how well you move and how in balance your body is. We"ll look at how well certain muscles are functioning compared to others and how well your joints are moving. We"ll also look at your levels of muscular strength and endurance in certain positions. Most importantly we'll identify any obvious movements or positions that may be painfull for you so that your exercise program is as safe as possible and as productive as possible going foward

Finally we'll use this information to start making plans. What training will work best for you and what won't. What sort of training will you enjoy doing. What timescales you can reasonably plan to achieve short and longer term goals. What training schedule can you realistically stick to given your time constraints and fitness levels. Then we'll put together a training and nutrition plan if relevant that you can realistically follow not just when you're working out with a trainer but on your own as well

Step 3

After this we'll schedule your first 2 or 3 sessions where we'll carry on from the assesment and put into practice some of the things we learnt. We'll make sure that you know how to perform the movements you'll be doing in your program correctly and safely. We"ll learn how to regress or progress these movements as needed and how you can monitor your own progress so you know when to take things down a little or push them a little higher so that you're always working at the right level. And then you'll go away confident enough to put them into practice on your own with your home workouts you'll be given to perform as part of your program. And if you're following a nutrition program we'll be talking about how you're getting on with your food diaries. Finally we'll be finding out what works for you and what doesn't, making fine adjustments because everyone is individually different as well as alike so you never get stuck in a rut

Step 4

 We'll regularly assess your progress and adjust your training accordingly. The best program is one you can stick to and that adjusts to your needs. Despite the constant flow of articles in the press claiming to have found quick fixes the only way to have lasting results is through commitment and consistency. Much better to follow a simple routine regularly than a super clever one for a few weeks that it's impossible to keep to for any length of time. Same with nutrition. We keep the rules simple, flexible and few. The fewer rules the less chance of 'failure' and less the chance of loosing motivation. 


Obviously there is a cost and unfortunately not all of us are Hollywood actors and actresses or TV and pop stars with the money, time and motivation to train daily with a trainer. 

Because of this we will adjust your program accordingly. Of course the more often you can afford to train the faster and better you'll get results. All clients are required to make a minimum initial commitment otherwise if you train irregularly and infrequently you'll be wasting both of yours and my own time as well as your money. However you'll also receive a program you can follow on your own to make sure you train consistently  and progress in good time.The amount of workouts you'll be asked to perform will depend on how many sessions we do together weekly. The more one to one the less you'll have to do on your own and vice versa

Single person

Initial 10 sessions and Fitness assessment and programming


Initial 20 sessions and Fitness assessment and programming 



10 sessions €600

20 sessions €1100

Joint (2 persons maximum)

Initial 10 sessions and Fitness assesment and programming

€900 (€450 each)

Initial 20 sessions and Fitness assessment and programming

€1550 ( €775 each)


10 sessions €750

20 sessions €1400

Please note that unless arranged in advance all 10 session packages need to be used within a 12 week time period and 20 session packages within a 22 week time period. 

For all enquiries, questions and an initiall discussion please contact me direct at

Tel: 06 77 38 19 33



WEEKEND classes are now scheduled at the Champ de Mars for April and May 2019

All classes start at 10.15am and last  60 mins. Cost is 15 euros. 

Please  confirm by 7pm Fridays if you are attending




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