21 day fat loss program

Hi Guys, 


below you can find attached the diet program and the workouts. 


Iv'e tried to keep it simple but all i would say is that you do really need to have attended the classes so you understand some of the exercises, they're not complicated but it's best to have seen them done and have practised them before.


You can start the program any time during the term though you will need to get it finished before the term finishes, you can even do it for longer than 21 days if you want!   Remember


1) Keep a food diary


2) Post it up here if you want support and help


3) Take a couple of days to plan ahead with shopping for food


4) Don't get hung up on minute details of the dietry plan! 


5) Keep your food  clean and fresh and avoid anything processed and your halfway there


6) It's only 10 days without caffeine! 




WEEKEND classes are now scheduled at the Champ de Mars for April and May 2019

All classes start at 10.15am and last  60 mins. Cost is 15 euros. 

Please  confirm by 7pm Fridays if you are attending




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