Yes! All members will receive free nutritional and home workout plans to follow if they wish. They also have access to the Paris Fitness Bootcamps ning website were they will find lots of regularly updated articles on fitness, fat loss and nutrition as well as forums they can take part in.


What if it’s my first time and I’m not sure if I want to commit? .

Please come along and try first. If after attending your first class you decide that boot-camp is not for you then simply pay the 12 Euros first class fee. You do not have to pay for a block of sessions until you have tried boot-camp. Of course we are sure you will enjoy it that much that this is very unlikely to happen…..! .

Can I join after the start date? .

Obviously it is better for you to attend from the first week because the classes are progressive so it may be harder for you to start in the 3rd or 4th week for example. However you may still come along and try out a class and if it is suitable then you can pay a pro rata rate for the remaining term. We require a minimum of 4 registered people a class for it to run. Whilst we want to provide maximum flexibility we also need a guaranteed attendance for the class to work. .

How long does it last?.

Each class is 50 min’s long. .

What shall I bring? .

Water. Appropriate clothing, in winter plenty of layers if it’s cold, a light waterproof jacket in case of rain, an exercise matt is useful and is HIGHLY recommended And seriously, a pair of gardening gloves is great as it allows you to get your hands down on the floor without getting them dirty! And a sense of humour …. .

Does boot camp still go ahead if it rains……….. .

This is a boot camp style outdoor exercise session…….. See the answer above about bringing a waterproof! Now we are sensible as well, if it’s a torrential downfall then there are plenty of places around the venues were it’s possible to work out under cover as well. The only extra benefit you’ll get from working out in the rain is a free shower. Same if it’s extra hot, we will try to stay in the shade. .Classes will only be cancelled if the conditions make it dangerous to work out (ice and lightening!)

Does the boot camp have a military theme? .

No, all classes are designed to be challenging and fun. You will not be shouted at and intimidated. You will be encouraged though to push your self a little harder as the weeks go by. Classes are run by a highly experienced fitness professional. However, boot camp is an outdoor class so you may get some mud on you occasionally and you will be expected to work hard. You will get out what you put in! .

Will we be doing a lot of running? .

No, for many people long running is boring and not what they want to pay someone to get them to do. Of course we will do some running but this is typically in short sprints using periods of active rest between. .

Will I be doing 100’s of sit ups?

Certainly not! Sit ups as well as being bad for many people’s backs are NOT an efficient or functional way to train your core. And they will NOT get rid of belly fat either. Instead you will be learning some simple but highly effective ways to train your abdominals which are much better than doing 25’000 sit ups a day. .

So what sort of exercises will we be doing then?

We always start every session with a full dynamic warm up, mobility exercises and some fun games. We use a variety of bodyweight strength training exercises, full body core exercises, callisthenic exercises and lots of interval training variations to challenge you different energy systems. We get a LOT of work done in a short space of time and aim to rev up your metabolism so you burn calories for a high rate for the next 24 hrs! And we aim to make it fun….. .

I haven’t exercised for ages, is this class suitable?

Boot camp is more about attitude than were you are at physically. It doesn’t matter if you can do 50 push ups or 5; you work to the best of YOUR ability. Your instructor will ask everyone to have filled in a health and exercise questionnaire before starting and if you have any issues then you will chat confidentially about them before the class and all exercises and intensity can be modified. The idea of boot camp is to help get you in to shape! .

I have a chronic injury, is this class suitable?

This depends from case to case. Because boot camp uses a wide range of exercises and movements there will undoubtedly be some things that you can do and others that you can’t. Because it is a group class whilst exercises can be modified for different fitness levels an injury is different and requires greater attention. It may be that your injury requires a specialised program of exercise before you join boot camp. Even if you take care the enthusiasm of working in a group can sometimes cause you to get carried away and do something unsuitable. Please contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you have. .

My goal is fat loss, will boot camp help?

I guarantee that if you follow all the exercise and dietry advice you are given then you can lose body fat, simple. If you don’t then I can’t! Losing fat is easy and hard at the same time. Easy because the things you need to do are actually very simple. Hard because doing them requires consistency and motivation. And that’s what boot camp will give you! .

What is the Paris Fitness Boot Camps ning site?

The ning site is our social network for all the members of our boot camps and is run for your benefit. On there you will find health and fitness information, discussions and specific groups for every class that runs. It’s also were I will post new information on classes. You can ask me questions and also send messages to the other members of your group when you join. You do not have to join if you do not wish; you can still view all the information but cannot join in discussions or post messages if you don’t. .

The Forum is the main discussion area of any topic

The blog is were I post a lot of general health and workout articles The groups are where you will find the specific group for your class. Each group has its own forum were I post specific info for that group such as exact meeting locations for the classes.


WEEKEND classes are now scheduled at the Champ de Mars for April and May 2019

All classes start at 10.15am and last  60 mins. Cost is 15 euros. 

Please  confirm by 7pm Fridays if you are attending




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