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The BMI Is BS: How The Weight Loss Industry Uses the Wrong Measuring Stick

Hi guys

this is another great article from Tom Venuto i thought i'd share. I must admit i thought this arguement had been well and truly put to bed by now but iy appears that there are still people in the health industry promoting BMI as a measure of body composition. Not only is it BS as Tom says but it leads people to engage in these crazy type of weight loss programs that promise results like '30 pounds in 30 days as they are misled into thinking weight loss equals fat…


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Why the 2 pounds of weight loss per week rule?

Ha ha Tom Venuto the voice of reason cutting through the BS as usuall! I love his articles, simple and to the point and realistic. Read on for some good advice as usuall :)

The 2 Pounds Per Week Rule And How to Burn Fat Faster

Why do you always hear that 2 pounds per week is the maximum amount of fat you should safely lose? If you train really hard while watching calories closely…


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How to know whether to work out or not when you're ill

Hi guys just thought i'd share this great article and info graphic from Dr John Berardi with you all as this is a question i get asked a lot.


Should you exercise when sick? [Infographic]…


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 Thought i'd start the week off with these quick and easy to do fat loss tips from Metabolic effect and a great summary of the difference between physical and emotional hunger. That"s a really important thing to understand. Remember it takes around 20 mins for the brain and the stomach to communicate so that's plenty of time for you to get a plenty of extra emotional calories stuffed…


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Stretching is BS Part 2

Here's Part 2. That's me by the way in the top picture just before my upper body exploded after eating my final peanut butter cup



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Stretching is BS Part 1!

Ok guys, don't choke on your afternoon glass of cabernet or pinot this actually MAY be true.

There are a load of myths surrounding stretching and i've already posted about a big one before in this blog namely that STRETCHING DOES NOT RELIEVE OR PREVENT MUSCLE SORENESS AFTER A WORKOUT.…


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5 Dumb Things Weight Loss Gurus Say

I like this!  Google Fat loss and i'm sure you'll get a several million diets and almost as many 'Gurus'.


Read this if you're thinking of starting ANY kind of Nutritional program


DR JADE TETA from metabolic effect thank you once again for clearing out the BS :)


First off, I realize the title of this blog is a bit inflammatory. The intention was to get your attention NOT to disparage anyone in the industry.

Second, I too am one of those…


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How to lose a pound of Fat a day....

Hi guys,

starting off the new year with a look at that subject close to our hearts, FAT LOSS! All of us have it and most of us want to lose it and lose it as fast as we can but what is a realistic way to go about this not based on cooked up theories or fast buck fat loss programs? 

Here a great way to start with this article by TOM Venuto that i think will clear up a few important issues for you!

How To Lose A Pound of Fat Per Day (Rapid Fat Loss…


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What to eat before, during and after exercise a simple guide

Workout Nutrition Infographic Workout nutrition illustrated. What to eat before, during, and after exercise.

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The Scariest diets of all time

If you''ve tried the elimination diet for a month and felt a little sorry for yourself at times once you've read this you'll never complain again about cutting out coco pops and granola bars ever again, trust me :)

Kindly reproduced from Tom Venuto, a guy who knows what he's talking about!

The 7 Scariest Weight Loss Diets


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Here's part 2 from the 28 day fat loss program

Skipping breakfast makes you fat: FALSE

The Truth: this may come as a surprise but skipping breakfast is NOT the reason people get fat. It’s true that people who skip breakfast generally have higher body weights but this is because breakfast skippers also tend to be people who have dysregulated eating patterns and are less health conscious making poorer food choices in general. They are also very often…


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Hi guys, this is taken directly from my new 28 day fat loss program. The next 2 to come tomorrow

It’s better to eat small meals more often as this will increase your metabolism : FALSE

The TRUTH:  Whether you eat 3x, 6x or 8x a day makes no difference to your metabolism. What  actually determines the level of your metabolism is the TOTAL AMOUNT OF CALORIES YOU EAT. If you eat 1800 calories in 3 meals of 600 calories or 6 meals of 300 calories you…


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Is there a right or wrong time to eat carbs?

This is a question i get asked fairly often especially in the context of what to eat before or after workouts and like many things in the realm of training and nutrition the answer is it all depends.

What your goal is will determine what is best for you as well as your personal metabolic make up. Don't listen to the internet quick fix fast buck salesmen trying to sell you their product claiming to be the only solution! If you want some great advice then have a look below. I've…


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Can you burn Cellulite?

No need for me to add much here i think! Guess that this is always gonna get your attention ladies so read on and learn how you CAN beat it in this great article from Dr Jade Teta :)

Can You Burn Cellulite?

Here at Metabolic Effect we get all kinds of questions about how to attack specific areas of the body. Given that many fat loss professionals can struggle a bit with concepts that incorporate more than the simplistic calorie model,…


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Hi guys, remember that the correct way to eat for fat loss needn't be complicated or punishment! Read this great article for some simple and practical advice which if you follow will guarantee great results :)

This is from Metabolic Effect Blog by Jade Teta

Healthy food is not fat loss food.  It can be, but healthy does not equal fat loss.  The idea that “healthy eating”, (whatever that means) is synonymous with body change is probably the single…


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How to lose FAT not WEIGHT!

Hi guys,

following on from the great article i posted last week about why people can struggle to lose fat on a traditional exercise and diet program here's another from Metabolic Effect which compliments it nicely. For those of you who can't be bothered to read the whole article then i've summarised it in the couple of paragraphs below! ( but please do read it) 

Essentially the message to get across is that long periods of aerobic…


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What is Metabolic Resistance training?

Following on from the great article i posted yesterday about why people can struggle to lose weight following traditional diet and exercise programs i thought i'd post this little video from Craig Ballantyne explaining the whats and whys of Metabolic Resistance training, the best form of training to promote fat loss.

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Why am i not losing weight?

Hi guys,

thought i'd post this from Jade Teta at Metabolic Effect blog as it's a great explanation of why traditional dieting and exercise doesn't always seem to work! 

The Calorie Trap. Why some will never win the weight loss game


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How to lose belly fat for all you apples out there!


Hey guys, 


well after the pears now it's the apples turn and that includes us men as well! 


Now i've written about the link between hormones and fat storage before but i think this is a good concise article that i just picked up from  from Jade Tetta and Metabolic Effect training blog so i thought i'd share it with you. It really ties in with the 21 day fat loss program and the type of training we do in the Bootcamp classes :) 


Read it…


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Great Fat loss tips here BUT it's not all black and white!


Hi guys, 

i get loads of articles and links to them every week. Most of them contain something they want me to buy at the end but they still contain a lot of good stuff , just because they are selling something doesn't mean that they are not telling the truth, maybe just bending it slightly to prove that there way is the best way. I've quickly gone through this one for you and highlighted some things in bols italics to demonstrate this. All the main points in…


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WEEKEND classes are now scheduled at the Champ de Mars for April and May 2019

All classes start at 10.15am and last  60 mins. Cost is 15 euros. 

Please  confirm by 7pm Fridays if you are attending




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